Science Activity_2020-21

*Science Activity* – Flexible body done by Grade VI
The students got pratical exposure to the different types of joints and how they work – Hinge, Ball & Socket, Pivot joint. The activity helped the students learn about various body movements effectively.
Science activity Grade VII
Science activity was done by students to explore Mirrors.
Through this hands on activity the students understood about the concept of curved mirror ,it’s uses, laws of reflection and converging – diverging properties of mirror.
The pre primary students of KG-I did the seed germination activity. Through this activity the students appreciated and learnt about the different stages of plant growth.






Science Activity- Spy Camera

The students of grade VI used their knowledge and explored the application of law of reflection of light. Under the guidance of their mentor they developed spy camera model and gained hands-in experience on the law of reflection and its utility.

Science Activity
To give an insight about the breathing model a hands on activity was done online for grade VII students.
Through the activity the children learnt as they performed about
* the parts of human respiratory system,
* the mechanism of breathing,
* Working of ribs and diaphragm.
* Importance of change in pressure in breathing process.
Online Science Activity on the Skeleton System was done today by Grade III students under the guidance of their mentor. In this activity students arranged the different parts of a human skeleton on a metal board to make a complete human skeleton. Through this the students got an insight about the framework of skeleton that provides structure to the rest of the body and facilitates movement. Some glimpses
Science Activity – Trace The Bug
The Science activity Trace the bug was conducted for Grade VI to identify and learn different types of motion. The activity enabled students to classify the observed motion as periodic and non periodic motion.
Nutrition Day Celebrated
The tiny tots of MLZS Indore family celebrated virtually the Food Nutrition Day on 24th Sept’2020. The activity was aimed to spread awareness and encourage kids to understand the importance of nutrition and adopt healthy ,sustainable lifestyle at an early age.
Our parents participated with full zeal with their little munchkins as they too mentored the kids about healthy and unhealthy eating habits , helped them perform role play and enjoyed making some nutritious healthy snacks with them such as Creative Salad recipes , Designer Sandwich making ,Colorful Fruit chat, Corn or peanut chat and everybody’s favorite Veg healthy pizza. Few glimpses
Science activity “Animal Habitat” done by Grade II students.
Through this activity, the Students built and learned about the natural habitats of different animals, their importance and significance. They learned and appreciated the concept of co- existence i.e as to how different animals with different needs live together in the same environment.
Science Activity – Grade IV
Our Grade IV students during science activity this week made a device to see 3D images by using two colours – The Magical Goggles
Concept learned – How colour mixing can create a 3D world around us and knowledge of different sensory organs especially Eyes.
At MLZS Indore lot of emphasis is being laid on Activity-based learning i.e. to learn by doing. As opposed to asking kids to simply listen and take notes, with activity-based learning we encourage students to actively participate in their own learning experience through practical activities.
Science Activity Lab and First in Math Module enables and engage our Mount Literans in their day to day learning of Science and Math
Our Grade II students recently learned about various traditional dresses in our Country. Through thr Science Lab Activity . They understood that these play an important symbolic role in the preservation of national values and cultural heritage and in the creation of a feeling of unity of the people.

Pump your heart science activity was held for Grade VII students. Objective of the activity was to practically learn about the
Internal structure of heart and learn the mechanism of pumping of blood by the heart.