School Activities 2021-22

Students of Grade 5th have participated in Spoken English Activity.
It was a 2- minutes PROP Challenge in which random group of students have to speak on the given prop or they can create a story around it. It was fun filled activity for the students as they have use popular characters like batman, chacha Choudhary, Sultan etc.
This helps the students to overcome their stage fright and helps them to build confidence.

Grade 1st students have performed Science Activity based on Plants.

Online and Offline students had enjoyed alot while performing this activity. They learnt about types of plants like – Herbs, Shrubs, Climbers, Creepers, Trees & Basic parts of plants like – Flowers, Leaves ,Stem ,Roots & their uses.

Class 3rd A and B students have done a Science activity on Brick Making.

Students enjoyed and learned with fun in both online and offline mode. They made it in class room with the help of science kit. Construction play has many developmental benefits such as, depending on the resources used, it can offer children a range of open-ended play opportunities. It offers endless opportunities for children to express their creativity.

National Mathematics Day is a day dedicated to the study of mathematics.

On December 22, 2021, MLZS celebrated National Mathematics Day with zest and fervour. The goal of putting on this event was to raise awareness about the importance of mathematics in our lives and to highlight Srinivasan Ramanujan’s contribution. Several mathematics teachers familiarised students with S. Ramanujan’s life during the school assembly on this occasion. Students learned many math concepts through games such as a department store role play, which introduced them to the notion of profit and loss. Fraction flowers were used to teach pupils in grades 3 and 4 the idea of fractions.

Mr Dinesh Vyas spoke to students about the life of math prodigy S. Ramanujan on this auspicious occasion. Mr. Manish Vyas also emphasised the necessity of math education. The programme was both educational and entertaining. Everyone praised it and expressed their gratitude.

Celebrating ‘Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav’.

Under the Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, the Department of Posts has commenced a postcard campaign inviting students to send a postcard to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to commemorate the country’s 75th anniversary of independence. Students from class IV and V of our school wrote essays on the topics of “Unsung heroes of the freedom struggle” and “My Vision for India 2047.”

Students took an active role in the discussion and voiced their opinions. They’ve brilliantly written about their unsung heroes and their mission. On the MYGov Portal, the finest post cards will be uploaded.

During this Mahotsav, children in our elementary wing were educated about the freedom fighters who took part in the struggle for freedom through Story Telling Sessions. This session highlighted the students’ passion as they remembered great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmi Bai, and others.

“ DAAN UTSAAV “ the Joy of Giving drive”

Mount Litera Zee school, Indore in association with the NGO GOONJ conducted a Joy of Giving donation drive in which the students participated whole heartedly by donating clothes, dry ration and stationary. With this drive our students learnt the importance of community welfare and we were able to inculcate the attitude of giving.
We believe this drive has made our students more humble towards the facilities they have. It also taught our students the importance of working in team.
Seldom we get an opportunity to give back to society and the school tried it’s best to arise the same feeling among our students.


Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated across India.

The name ‘Deepavali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, the school had a celebration in school on 30th Oct 2021. Teachers explained the importance of Diwali, the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Children decorated diyas with colors and glitter, made cards, rangoli and paper lanterns.

Both Teachers and students enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholeheartedly. Some glimpses

Learning is Fun but Math is not learning it is understanding the concept so that you never forget it lifelong.

Activity was done using cream biscuits explaining all the terms related to circle. The children made
Diameter, Radius and Chord from the cream biscuits. They themselves explained all the terms of circle in a playway method and thereafter enjoyed the biscuit treat.

Students of Grade V A,B and C made posters in EVS Class . Save Fuel and Make it a habit ..

Through this poster making activity they learnt that fuel is very essential for our daily activities now a days.They learnt types of fuel and various ways to save fuel .They discussed these with their family members and tried to spread the message that we should Save fuel for our future and better Environment.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Every year, Gandhi Jayanti is marked and celebrated on 2 October to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi , the Father of the Nation.

To inculcate Gandhijis ideas into children so that they are aware of the freedom struggle, many activities were initiated during online classes at MLZS Indore yesterday. Children came dressed up as National Leader and shared experiences, values and practices from the life of the greatest leader of the Nation.

Being an online celebration, it was not only for the kids but had active involvement of their parents & family too, who contributed wholeheartedly with the wonderful display as students participated in activities created to bring an awareness about Gandhiji and his values

Rashtriya Poshan Maah: Malnutrition continues to hinder the potential of millions of children in India

But Mount Litera Zee School shows that this scenario can be changed by using different activities to spread the awareness among the students.
The students of Grade 3rd to 5th actively participated in the CBSE drive of Rashtriya poshan maah (National nutrition mission).

To educate the students of this unique mission, the mentors conducted various activities like Poster making, E-Quiz, Plantation activity, Salad decoration, Fancy dress and helping the needy wherein the students were briefed about healthy and unhealthy fooding habits, balanced diets and how it is a must for a healthy living .

Students during the session had a debate on why junk food is not good for health and how they can have s nutritious diet.
They have enjoyed the session so much and had s better understanding about the same.

Later during the day they went for plantation activity and shared beautiful pictures of themselves. Also, they helped the needy by providing them food, clothes etc.

The month of September is celebrated as Rashtriya Poshan Maah.

POSHAN Abhiyaan directs the attention of the country towards the problem of malnutrition and addresses it in a mission-mode.

Under this mission , for the middle wing classes of VI to VIII of MLZS various activities were organized like Eating Right – Make my plate , With an aim to generate awareness and to promote the nutrition status among the masses.

Rashtriya poshan maah(National nutrition mission)

The students of foundation wing actively participated in the CBSE drive of Rashtriya poshan maah (National nutrition mission)

To educate the students of this unique mission the mentors conducted an Audio video session wherein the students were briefed about healthy and unhealthy fooding habits, balanced diets and how it is a must for a healthy living .

Students during the session learnt that they should fill half their plate with fruits and veggies that have nutrients that help them grow. While the other half should be whole grains and lean protein that gives them energy to run, dance, and play.

Later during the day to spread the joy of giving, they went ahead and shared their meal with under privileged children around their home.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”,
Mount Litera Zee School, Indore (M.P.) conducted Inter School Storytelling competition Indore under the aegis of Sahodaya Schools Complex (cluster-3)
for classes 3rd to 5th on September 18th, 2021 in which 21 schools of Cluster 3 participated.

Best 4 students of the competition were as follows-

1) Aarna Laddha – Queens’ College
2) Shanaya Vyas – Standard Public School
3) Anshaj Alone – St. Elizabeth Convent School
4) Mahak Verma – Mata Gujri Girls’ Public School

Event was anchored by Ms Parul Sen, & organised by Ms. Monika Rajani.
Judges for the competition were Ms Timsi Rai, Director of Advanced Academy & Ms Sumeet Narang, PGT & HOD of English, MLZS.
Respected Principal Sir Mr. Manoj Bajpai greeted students with a Good Luck in the beginning of the competition and also praised students and their mentors in the end of the competition for their efforts and motivated them to participate wholeheartedly.
The event extended the message and the ideas which was inspired by everyone.

In Subject Enrichment Activity of Mathematics,

Students of Grade 5th made different types of angles using matchsticks on a chart sheet. They learned the concept of angle and it’s types. They also learnt how to draw and measure Angles using protractor.

Subject Enrichment Role play Activity undertaken by grade III students.
A Role play on different types of occupation was done , through this activity students learnt how different occupation support us in maintaining our living standard and enhance the qualification ,skill and capabilities of professionals

Mount Literan Ayona Rajput outshines at Sahodaya Interschool Fancy dress competition

Scholastic and co scholastic activities plays an important role for the holistic development of the children.Keeping this in mind, Virtual Mode Interschool Samagam event ” Fancy Dress Competition” was organized by Sahodaya School Complexes, Indore on the theme ” Mother Earth needs us”.

Event was hosted by St.Arnold Co-ed School, Palda,Indore on 21stAugust 2021.

The efforts and hard work of students was highly commendable.
Mlzs added one more feather in the cap of the school and achieved best performance award by Ayona Rajput of class Ist
The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them exposure to explore their hidden talent. In her act Ayona presented herself as Mother Earth and urged everyone to save it for all the future needs.

Participants were judged according to the character portrayed, costume, dialogue, props and overall Presentation.

Our little champions from grade 3rd to 5th have enthusiastically performed in “Telephonic conversation”

They were outstanding and were very excited to converse not only with their friends, family members but also with their English faculty. They built themselves more powerful, more confident and more fearless. They understood all the manners and etiquettes to talk on call. Under the supervision of teacher they all enjoyed the activity a lot.
***Independence day celebration Grade III to V***
Mount Litera Zee School have ensured that the fervour of patriotism lives on, and shifted their Independence Day celebrations online on 13th August 2021. Students of our school from Grade 3rd to 5th participated in various activities like dance, poem recitation, speech, played different music instruments, posters, fancy dress and medley of patriotic songs.
The theme ‘Freedom from Corona’ had motivated students to spread awareness so that we can enjoy our freedom thoroughly.
It helped the students to channelize their creativity to the whole new level.
So, pandemic- induced lockdown or not, Independence Day will be celebrated, the ‘new-normal’ way.
Virtual Independence Day celebration held for Grade Nur to II students
The Independence Day celebration was held today on a different note this year, the theme being ‘Freedom from Covid-19’.
Every year on the 15th August , the citizens of India pay respect to all the great leaders who fought bravely for India’s independence in the past. This year moving ahead the school planned a celebration on the theme ‘Freedom from Covid-19’.The students were engaged in different activities during their online classes like cultural presentation , delivering speech , craft work, culinary presentation and fancy dress. The fancy dress participation saw the students presenting themselves as Corona Warriors , the Corona Virus, the Covid -19 vaccine , mask ,sanitizer etc . It was a delight to witness the students awareness on the present unprecedented times as they spoke confidentaly about the character played by them.
Students of Grade V A /B/C has done Activity of Sprouting .
They learnt the process of seed germination and they also learnt that its natural process in which air and water is needed through which seeds or spores germinate and put out shoots.

The Pre primary toddlers of the school had an informative and engaging forenoon today as a very effective workshop on table manners and etiquettes was organized for them by their mentors.

The workshop had a lot of information on various types of age specific cutlery and the use of them. The children were taught about the correct posture of sitting and the use of a napkin, how to serve food and also how to be excused from a table. After this enriching session, the children practiced all that they learnt and absorbed from the workshop at home.



A fireless cooking activity was done for the students of grade III -V.

In this activity students made edible Rakhi from Oreo & chocolates.

Healthy Habits- Preparing a salad plate
Being Healthy is a personal choice every human should be consciously aware of. The best way to make it happen naturally is to adapt to it right from the childhood. Keeping this in mind, we started our learning for the Grade 1& 2 Mount Literans with “Healthy Habits”.
During the activity the kids learnt the meaning of “healthy” ,which was followed by identifying various healthy habits that they follow each day and to conclude the session each participant made a presentable Salad plate under guided instructions from their teachers during the virtual class.

Eid-Ul-Adha was celebrated by Mount Litera Zee School on a virtual platform.

The purpose was to enlighten the students about the spirit of festival, spreading the message of love and brotherhood in the young minds. Teachers discussed about the importance of this festival that Eid is a time to share happiness. The students presented holy recitals , talks and were involved in card making activity based on the theme of Eid.


Pre primary colour coded activity day 4 – Yellow Day was celebrated.

Yellow is the colour of optimism, glory, sunshine, and happiness. It stands for freshness, positivity, intellect and joy. The motive of celebrating yellow day was to make the students aware of the colour yellow, its significance and to de-velop the fine motor skills in the students.

Pre primary color coded activity day 3 – GREEN the colour of prosperity and nature.

“ Colours are the smiles of nature “

What would our world be without colour? Just think–there would no more blue skies, blue blueberries, or blue bluebirds. There would be no more green trees or green grass. And what about colors of sunrises and sunsets? And of all the flowers? And . . .

To create awareness amongst our pre-schoolers about colours, and it’s importance in our lives , the mentors of the pre-primary classes have created a rainbow of color-related fun activities, games, worksheets, craft etc to help the children learn about the colors that surround them.

The week long colour coded activities were initiated with the colour ‘ BLUE’ ,some glimpses :

Learning the right way..

KG 2 students stepping into the world of English grammar with Vowels during online session.

“Poetry comes alive to me through recitation. “

Grade 1 students of MLZS learnt the art of self expression through the Poem recitation activity hosted online today. The theme decided was ‘Nature’ and the children expressed beautifully using props, taking care of rhythm and voice modulation. Some glimpses:

Role play is an essential tool for the purpose of learning .

A role play activity was recently conducted by Grade V students where they played the role of Snake Charmer( Saperas). As props they prepared bamboo basket, paper snakes and enacted playing been to act as Snake Charmer. They also learnt about the Kalbeliya community and their culture.

Learning mode onn…

The budding Mount Literans of KG 1 enjoy the initial math skill with a sorting activity. The activity was aimed at building visual perception, memory , attention and thinking skills
The pre primary kids this week took up an interesting activity,
This week during subject enrichment class, where under the guidance of their mentor ,the kids enjoyed making a bird feeder to attract backyard birds. It was a great way for kids to get close with nature and make some observations.
The kids had a great time as they talked and learned about birds, their habitats (nests), and what they need to live (food, water, etc.)
On occasion of World Environment Day

And to create awareness among the young minds about the invaluable resource on our planet – Plants and Trees many activities were conducted by school mentors and students like plantation, expression of thoughts through art and poetry and took an oath to protect and nature our environment to make our planet a happier place to live for generations to come.

Day 3- Culinary art session

The session was all about the seasonal deserts- Mango delight and all time favorite Mug Cake. Some glimpses

Summer Activity-Subject Enrichment

To involve kids during public speaking session, they were asked about their favourite summer drinks and also they talked about why it’s important for people, animals, and even plants to get enough to drink, especially in hot weather.

Later to beat the heat, the mentors helped the kids prepare simple yet refreshing drinks like lemon mojito and watermelon juice for themselves and family.






Day 2 – Culinary art session for Mom’s

Today’s baking session saw enthusiastic participation not only from Mothers but children as well , as they grabbed their aprons & pans and signed-in to the online Literan Kitchen.

Mentor Hema Ma’am demonstrated a simple way to bake kids favourite ‘ Chocolate Crossaint ‘ without the use of an oven.






Zumba sessions by Mentor Megha Saxena are being conducted regularly for the students amidst the lockdown.

Today’s session started slowly with Surya Namaskar, followed by Zumba workout where momentum was built with the beats and the students happily followed along, swinging , waving and simply enjoying themselves.

Culinary workshop for MOM’s conducted.

An online Culinary workshop for MOM’s was conducted yesterday by MLZS mentor Hema Jethani , who apart from being an academician, also masters the art of creating magic with spices and making cooking a fun affair.

The interactive workshop introduced the participants to simple yet exotic receipe of ‘Sago Jelly Pudding. ‘

The participation of mother’s during the session was overwhelming as later during the day most of them tried the receipe and shared pictures. Some glimpses:

Summer Fun began at
Mount Litera Zee School, Indore today with a series of online fun filled and creative summer activities for students.

Some glimpses of the dance , music and art & craft workshop where students learnt creativity with hand tracing and made book marks.

Mount Literan Atharv Nema Of grade IVA as Lord Ram on ocassion of Ram Navami, celebrated on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha (brighter half) of the Chaitra month, the day marks the birth of Lord Rama, who is also said to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. The auspicious day falls on the last day of the nine-day festival Navratri.